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Applications and material overview refractory

Heger - your partner for diamond tools for refractory and industrial applications.

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Nothing works without refractory

Refractory materials play an important role with many industrial processes and put an inalienable key technology in the economic and ecological value-added chain. Without refractory materials the production of steel, aluminium, copper, glass and many other materials is not possible.

Refractory material is invisible, but indispensable where high process temperatures are needed.

Heger Excellent Diamond Tools offers expert consultation on site and support you with your daily challenges and your individual projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiries.

Heger diamond tools for refractory and industry

Application field of Heger diamond tools

  Refractory materials

  Industrial ceramic

  Clinker industry

  Brick industry

  Refractory construction and chimney

  Industrial furnace and boilermaking industry

  Iron and steel industry

  Non-ferrous metal production plant

  Furnace and installation of glass industry

  Power plant and coke plant

  Installation of cement and lime industry

  Chemical and petrochemical installation

  Waste incinerator

  Aluminium industry

  Metal casting

  Universities, test institutes and laboratories

Heger diamond tools for refractory and industry


  Silica and fused silica

  Fireclay and special fireclay products

  Material with high alumina content

  Material including carbon with alumina content

  Basic refractory materials

  Fired basic materials

  Basic materials with carbon content

  Special sintered ceramic materials

  Graphite and carbon based materials

  Silicium carbide

  Fused cast materials and products

  Lightweight and insulating refractory products

  Castable refractories

  Wear protection materials

  Acid proof materials

  Ceramic refractory materials

  Clinker and bricks